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Well, I hope it’s not jumbo shrimp because I am allergic to oxymorons.  (shrimp dinner to the person that can place the quote first!)

I love making couscous with veggies and find it completely satisfying.  But my husband likes to add a little protein to the dish so for the first time ever, I cooked shrimp scampi.  I am not sure why but I have never done tons of cooking with shrimp, maybe because I don’t live by an ocean. So I was surprised by how easy this dish was.  Once again, here are two separate recipes cooked simultaneously.  Make one, make both, just go fondle your sweaters, I mean fondue with cheddar.  (more…)


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Banana Bliss

Best dessert ever!!!  You are not looking at ice cream, you are not even looking at custard, you are staring at bananas and a splash of milk.  But your tongue might think you are eating one of the other things mentioned.  You would not believe how awesome of an ice cream substitute this is.  It is so easy to make and I can eat it every night and not feel guilty at all. (more…)

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Just Beet It

Finally, a beet for me!  I have never been a beet person.  I often say no matter how you cook them they taste like dirt, but finally I prepared them in a way that I love.  The secret is boiling and roasting them.  Then just eat them in a salad with feta, sweet dressing, and arugula.  This salad dish might even make you president some day. (more…)

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