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I will be honest, this feels like cheating on my desire to be a healthy eater.  Yes, this is absolutely a dessert you can tell from the sugar and butter but there is just so much fruit in it I claim it as breakfast too.  Usually when I make a dessert, like Cheesecake, I do not fool myself into thinking I can eat it for breakfast.  But this dangerous dish with its delicious fruit, spices, crunchy crust on top, this I allow myself to eat whenever.  This dish is a perfect combination of sweet and tart and in my mind perfect for any occasion at any time of day.  Oh did I mention that this is super easy to make too?



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I love when I can trick salad into tasting like desert!  I had no idea that you could put fruit into salads until my wonderful roommate from Washington  taught me to put apples in spinach salad.  This salad has a great mix of sweet and tart flavors that really make it feel like you are eating anything but a salad. (more…)

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Totally Tuna

I recently learned that you could add crasins to tuna.  This should not have been that shocking since I have been adding grapes to tuna for years, but it did shock me.  So I had to make it, which was perfect since we also had carrots, celery, green pepper, and onions from the CSA.  This tuna salad was awesome.  (more…)

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