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For some of you, it might be that time in the summer when you are wondering, what to do with all that Kale?  Kale is delicious, but it can sometimes be overwhelming to keep consuming all those leafy greens.  While I love making The Breakfast of Champions, it is nice to get some variety out of a vegetable so I decided to try something new.

For years my husband has told me about the sausage and kale soup his old roommate use to make.  When I tried to get more information from hubby to get an idea of the recipe, he told me it was cooked in a crock pot, had sausage, kale, and potatoes, and was amazing.  Since that was not enough to go on, I turned to the web and found this recipe for portuguese kale soup which I figured would do the trick.

This was definitely a nice change of pace for kale.  Cooking it in the form of soup changed the texture and flavor because it soaked up all the tasty broth.  Plus, it is always fun to have a veggie in a new recipe.



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