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I can unequivocally state that Garlic Scapes are my favorite.  They only come once a year and they make my summer.  I definitely had to do some research when these came in my first csa box…three summers ago.  Thankfully, The Joy of Cooking had a nice diagram of the life of garlic and onions and all those other edible plants in the allium family.  So Garlic Scapes are the flowers from garlic and they are delicious.  If you just lightly saute them, they taste like a bomb of roasted garlic in the most marvelous way possible.  Now I have to be honest, I made this recipe sometime in June, and I am just posting it.  So unless you live in some tropical place where garlic grows all the time, you probably missed your chance for scapes this year.  But you can totally make this dish without the addition of scapes and it would still be excellent. (more…)


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I had some lovely ladies over a few weekends ago and I made some of my balsamic bruschetta.  Unfortunately, while I was scurrying around to get ready for the party, I did not snap any pictures.  But I had multiple requests for the recipe so I felt obliged to share.

I dice 1/2 a large red onion and sautéed it in balsamic vinegar.

I diced 1/2 lb of tomatoes.  The other 1/2 lb of tomatoes I pureed with a few handfuls of fresh basil.  I did the pureeing with my amazing immersion blender.  I would have probably used about 2 tsp of dried basil.

I diced maybe an ounce or two of Parmesan cheese into very small pieces.

Then I mixed it all together and served it with freshly baked bread.

Totally simple and totally delicious!  I promise to make it again with pictures!

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