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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!!  Don’t worry you still have time to make this classic Irish dish.  I wish there was some sort of mystic celtic cooking, but alas they just boil everything.  So in honor of my forebears, I give you corned beef, cabbage, and potatoes all boiled to salty delicious perfection.

And yes people have told me that this is the best corned they ever had.  And no it was not just my husband. (more…)


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Chicken Pot Pie, that thing which comes frozen and you heat it up in the microwave, right?  Yes, that is how my mother made them, but I successfully made this wonderful creation from scratch.  Yes, it took many hours to make, but the results were well worth it.  The creamy filling was full of flavor and the crispy crust was a perfect topping.  We could not get enough of this wonderful chicken pot pie!


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