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Did you know that I love eating fruit in salads? Well I love fruity salads.  After picking copious amounts of strawberries, putting them in a salad was an obvious choice. (more…)


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Spaghetti Squash

The first time I had Spaghetti Squash, I thought it was this secret that nature had been keeping from me all these years.  It is so delicious and versatile.  Plus any vegetable that can transform in the oven is aces in my book.  Here I enjoyed it topped with spinach and leeks for a smashingly successful squash.

You may not know this but spaghetti squash has a reputation to uphold:


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I love when I can trick salad into tasting like desert!  I had no idea that you could put fruit into salads until my wonderful roommate from Washington  taught me to put apples in spinach salad.  This salad has a great mix of sweet and tart flavors that really make it feel like you are eating anything but a salad. (more…)

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